Sustainability & ESG

Executive Commitment

I feel strongly that a company is part of the community and should be responsible for the way it treats its customers, its employees, and the city in which it operates.  I founded Houston Tents & Events because I wanted to create a different kind of event company in this market.  I want to bring exciting events to life and do it in a new, innovative way that is sustainable for the long-term.

My vision is to provide a place for people to work that is safe, rewarding, and enjoyable.  Our people work hard and sometimes incredibly long hours to make an event successful for our customers.  As a company, we are committed to a successful outcome for our customers.  It is also important to do all this in a way that respects the environment with open and transparent business practices.

This strategy has led to tremendous growth, a high degree of customer loyalty, and employees who stay with the company. Our commitment to Sustainability and ESG is what makes us different and propels us to excellence.

My hope is that this section of our website will provide the reader with a deeper understanding of who we are as a company, the values that we hold dear, and why so many customers and employees are loyal to Houston Tents & Events.

Darren Randle
Owner and President

Sustainability & ESG

Our commitment to sustainability and building a sound company is based on three pillars:

These pillars are referred to collectively at ESG.  A focus on ESG is a commitment to building a sound company that is sustainable.  Below is a closer look at Houston Tent & Events’ focus on these three areas of business operations.

Commitment to People

Our employees are at the heart of our business. They are literally what makes our company work. So, making people our priority is an easy decision. This is the “S” in ESG, and is the foundation of our business.

Commitment to Planet

At Houston Tents & Events, we are committed to being responsible stewards of our environment.  This is another key difference at Houston Tents & Events.

Sound Governance Practices

Transparency is a hallmark of Houston Tents & Events. Strong governance practices are a focus of the management. Billing and invoicing is simple and clear.