Sound Governance Practices

Transparent Processes

Transparency is a hallmark of Houston Tents & Events. Strong governance practices are a focus of the management. Billing and invoicing is simple and clear.  Employee meetings occur regularly to keep everyone aware of successes, and issues. Victories are celebrated and struggles are reviewed, and improvement processes are identified.

There is a sense to doing what is right that is instilled in everyone from the founder to the newest employee. People are treated with respect whether they are customers, employees, suppliers, or partners. This may seem old-fashioned, but it is a core strength that most credit with the success the company has enjoyed.


Communication with Customers

All employees from top management to the employees on job sites are trained to have a customer first mentality. Open and honest communication with customers is essential to a successful outcome of an event. Customer service, before, during and after the event is of critical importance to the company.

Our valuable customers form the basis of our success, and we are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and delivering above and beyond. The only way to make this happen is with open, frequent, and honest communications.

Certifications and Training

Our employees are trained and certified, when required, to competently deliver services to our customers. Professional licenses and certifications are obtained for those activities that require it.  Proper license renewals, professional development hours, and related requirements are tracked and validated.  Required notices are posted, and employee training is provided as required, depending on the task being performed.

CPR Class 1

Global Perspective

While Houston is in our name, Houston Tents & Events has a broad perspective and has achieved a high level of diversity.  We have employees from all over the globe.  Our workforce and our focus are diverse and global in nature.  We operate in a globalized world, where everything from our supply chain and logistics to our employees and partners reflect the wonderful diversity in which we operate.  The understanding and appreciation of different ways of thinking and operating is what makes our community strong.  Keeping our core values and sharing those with our stakeholders makes Houston Tents & Events one of the most successful companies in our marketplace.

Commitment to People

Our employees are at the heart of our business. They are literally what makes our company work. So, making people our priority is an easy decision. This is the “S” in ESG, and is the foundation of our business.

Commitment to Planet

At Houston Tents & Events, we are committed to being responsible stewards of our environment.  This is another key difference at Houston Tents & Events.

Sound Governance Practices

Transparency is a hallmark of Houston Tents & Events. Strong governance practices are a focus of the management. Billing and invoicing is simple and clear.