Commitment to the Planet

At Houston Tents & Events, we are committed to being responsible stewards of our environment.  This is another key difference at Houston Tents & Events.

Renewable Resources

Houston Tent and Events is dedicated to being environmentally friendly and leads the industry in our market segment. This commitment permeates all that we do, from procurement, to departmental processes, to end-of-life products.

At Houston Tent and Events, we are known for having the whitest tents in the business.  But what most people don’t know is that we also have the ‘greenest’ tents in the business!  It takes a lot of water and energy to make this happen.  But through innovation and process design, Houston Tent and Events leads the way in tent cleaning.

Almost all of the water used to clean tents is captured and recycled.  This is a massive process that has been perfected over the years.  Water is a precious resource, and the reuse and recycling of water is one of many ways we ensure our environmentally friendly footprint.

Another is the use (when necessary) of chemicals that are safe and non-hazardous.  The judicious use of these chemicals keeps usage down while still allowing us to deliver the white tent standard that we are known for in the marketplace.

Tent drying is accomplished with state-of-the-art dehumidifying units that are designed to use many times less energy than conventional dryers.  This energy savings not only allows us to be environmentally friendly with a lower CO2 footprint, but also saves costs that keep us competitive in the marketplace.

One of the most unique programs in the industry that Houston Tent and Events has implemented has to do with inventory management.  A very organized and efficient inventory control system is discussed in the section on technology below.  

A component of the inventory control process is making a huge difference in waste reduction resulting from a unique ‘Repair over Replace’ program implementation.  By leveraging a unique repair identification system, tables, chairs, and accessories that used to be discarded are now sent to a repair department. The needed repairs bring the equipment back up to near new condition and reintroduction into inventory.  This dramatically reduces waste while limiting the need for replacement.  This is just one more example of the commitment to the environment that is in the DNA of Houston Tents & Events.


Consolidated Facilities

Rapid growth in demand for Houston Tent and Events services has led to rapid expansion. This growth is a testament to the overwhelming customer support that we continue to enjoy.  But it has also led to the need for more capacity.  Meeting this need has led to an expanded footprint yielding many new office and warehouse locations.  And while growth is a blessing, multiple locations also led to more inter-location travel and transfers of equipment and people.

A new consolidated facility was just opened to put all operations under one roof.  This consolidation of facilities has led to a reduction in road exposure hours for our employees.  It has also enabled a standardization of critical processes that has led to increased efficiency and higher levels of safety.

The new single facility allows us to have one location for most employees, increasing employee morale and engagement, and well as allowing for more efficient training and management. All inventory is now in one place, providing a more dedicated and efficient equipment intake and retrieval process.

Carbon reduction from less road time and more consolidated operations is yet another by product of this exciting new development in our history.  Our new consolidated facility is helping Houston Tent and Events service the community in better ways, while allowing us to implement a new and higher level of commitment to our planet.


Cutting Edge Technology

As introduced above, the inventory control system employed at Houston Tent and Events is unique in the industry. Every piece of equipment is logged into the inventory control system on its way in and its way out of the facility. Each type of equipment has a unique area in the warehouse. Size, weight, composition, and packaging are all strategically considered when determining storage locations (rows, heights, indoors/outdoors, etc.) to maximize safety of extraction, ease of access, and use case efficiency.

This inventory control system has a dedicated team of professionals that manage, maintain, and audit it to ensure ongoing accuracy and efficiency.  The system also contributes to the excellent health and safety record of employees.

Commitment to People

Our employees are at the heart of our business. They are literally what makes our company work. So, making people our priority is an easy decision. This is the “S” in ESG, and is the foundation of our business.

Commitment to Planet

At Houston Tents & Events, we are committed to being responsible stewards of our environment.  This is another key difference at Houston Tents & Events.

Sound Governance Practices

Transparency is a hallmark of Houston Tents & Events. Strong governance practices are a focus of the management. Billing and invoicing is simple and clear.