Cougar Business Network

Houston Tents & Events is excited to be a part of the inaugural class of the 2020 Cougar Business Network, Cougars doing business with Cougars! We are proud members of the UH Alumni Association and look forward to our continued support of the University of Houston. For more information on the initiative visit:

Partnership with Houston Cougar Athletics & Rice Athletics

Houston Tents & Events has agreed with Houston Cougar Athletics and Rice Athletics on a 3-year partnership with both organizations through 2022. Both schools have been supportive of our business as we’ve provided alumni tailgates, game operations rental equipment, tent structures, etc. in the past so this was a great opportunity for us to give back to the athletic programs through this sponsorship as one of their proud partners. Go Coogs & Go Owls!

Top 25 Young Event Pros Recognition

We’re excited to have the owner of Houston Tents & Events, Darren Randle, featured as one of the Top 25 Young Event Pros of 2020 by Special Events Magazine. It’s a prestigious honor for younger professionals in the events industry to be recognized. Every year, the Advisory Board of Special Events Magazine along with honorees from the past year share with us 25 young event pros—all under age 40—throwing the spotlight on their talents and futures. Thank you to the Special Events Magazine for all they do to highlight the future of the event industry. You can read the article here:

Houston Work Safe Company

Houston Tents & Events is aligning our policies with a strategy from The Greater Houston Partnership that established the 10 principles below for companies in industries exempted from the “Stay Home-Work Safe” Order. As a business who understands what we need to do to remain safe and do what’s best for our communities we support around the city, we’re following this strategy so that we can continue on-site operations while working to ensure the safety of our employees and vendors. Allow all but critical on-site employees to work from home. While some companies must maintain on-site workers to complete specific business critical tasks, employers should allow all non-essential employees to work remotely. Employ video technology. To avoid unnecessary exposure, employers should implement tools such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or other such applications to conduct meetings. No one should feel the need to meet in person. Create a safe work environment for all critical on-site employees.Create physical separation. Health officials advise that all individuals should remain at least six feet apart to avoid possible transmission. Employers should establish protocols that require all on-site employees maintain a distance of at least six feet while working.Close communal spaces. Employers should discontinue use of any communal spots such as lunchrooms, break-rooms, meeting rooms and other gathering spaces to avoid unnecessary person-to-person exposure.Expand cleaning operations. Companies where workers must remain onsite should increase cleaning protocols of all high-touch and high-traffic areas throughout the day. Require sick workers to stay home. Require sick workers to stay home.To minimize exposure to other personnel, all workers who are experiencing even mild symptoms should avoid the workplace, report the situation to their supervisor and remain home. Adjust paid sick leave (PTO) policies. Employers should adjust policies to remove disincentives from people self-reporting illnesses. It is to your company’s advantage for sick employees to stay home. Encourage proper hygiene. Employers should provide sufficient hand sanitizing stations, guidelines for proper hand washing and soap at all hand-washing stations to ensure proper hygiene at the workplace. Create alternative teams. Employers where on-site staff remain critical should create alternating teams (i.e. morning/afternoon shifts, day/evening, every other day) so that operations may continue if one team becomes exposed and is required to quarantine. Restrict on-site access. Employee guests and other visitors should not be allowed access to any office or worksite. Discontinue work-related travel and require reporting of personal travel. Employers should discontinue travel by employees to other locations outside of the Houston region. If employees travel outside of the region for personal reasons, these trips should be reported to the employer should they pose an increased risk. Establish anonymous reporting. To maintain a safe work environment for on-site employees, companies should create an anonymous complaint channel for employees to report unsafe practices or violations of protocol during this period. It’s going to take all of us together to get through these challenging times and following this strategy of being a “Work Safe Business” is what we think is best for Houston.  

Clean Safe Essential Training

One of the amazing organizations that Houston Tents & Events is a member of is the American Rental Association. With new obstacles to stay safe while still conducting our event/rental business, they launched a training initiative “Clean Safe Essential for the Party Event Industry” to help prepare us for this “new normal” in the rental world. Many of these recommendations were already being followed by our team but it’s a great reference point to ensure we’re doing everything we can to continue having safe rental experiences and to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All of our staff and event team has successfully passed this training and received their certification for this initiative. The online training certificate program features a variety of learning modules to help ensure the cleanliness and safety of rental operations, employees and customers. Our industry is committed to developing solutions over and above what is expected to keep the rental process clean and safe. Training is based on expertise from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, rental operators and equipment manufacturers. While the training is based on medical science and operational expertise, we will always comply with the latest local, state/province, and national laws and government regulations, and to conform with guidance provided by government health agencies. If government guidance is more stringent than what is found in the training, Houston Tents & Events will follow government guidance and recommendations.