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Helping create an awesome event experience for your attendees is how we view success

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Our team is certified and experienced in the event industry and we can tackle any size project for 50 or 50,000 people.

How can we help?

We will work together to discuss your event vision for the who, what, when, where and how and go over what deliverables are needed to make your vision become a reality. When you’re ready, visit our contact us page to get started.

Share your vision

Creating an initial blueprint is essential for a successful event. Here, we welcome all ideas and nothing is “off the table” at this point in the process. You need a helicopter to set up a concert on a rooftop? We’ll explore the concept with you!

Create event expectations

This is where we outline what we both want the partnership to look like to ensure a seamless process for you and the Houston Tents & Events team.

Make the event come to life

The reason you reached out to us in the first place!

Review accomplishments

We strive for perfection. Here’s how we get closer to that goal with the feedback of what worked or can be improved from the experience for your next event.

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Our company is family owned


We are committed to providing fully transparent services during the beginning, middle and end of an event.

Community Oriented

We offer discounts for non-profit organizations, schools, churches, caterers and other event rental professionals.



We take pride in being thorough in our plan and quick in our execution.

Highly Professional

Our processes, contracts, deliveries, and pickups are all handled in a professional manner.

Every event is unique, it’s not our first rodeo


We love what we do! Events are our passion!


Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority


We provide every kind of event rental for you


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